NetScaler Gateway/AAA multi-language support

Again and again we receive enquiries about multi-language support for Citrix Gateway and AAA. Why is quickly explained: A portal theme is often created, ideally with RfWebUI, in order to customise the look to the customer's requirements. A login scheme is often used to fulfil security requirements. If the field labelling is to be adapted here, as in the following example, this results in unsightly behaviour. 


It should look like this:




However, it has the wrong language and field labelling:


Of course, a custom login schema.xml was created with the appropriate labelling in the corresponding languages. 


How did this issue come about?


Unfortunately, even with Release 14.1, it is still not possible to use a custom portal theme and custom login schema with multi-language support in parallel. This can lead to confusion, as this combination can be configured via the GUI, but does not work during processing. 


This is because field labels for custom login schemes are stored in: 


while field labels for custom portal themes are read from 


The bold marking differentiates here according to localisation, e.g. en for English and de for German. 





After creating the customised portal themes and login schema, last one is localised. The easiest way to do this is via GUI as described here for the Custom_DualAuth.xml which was customised for German via "Edit". This is then selected via "Select" for the schema.


The custom label for the schema is then copied from 

"/var/netscaler/logon/LogonPoint/custom/strings.en.json" nach  "/var/netscaler/logon/themes/<custom_theme_name>/strings.en.json". 


The file then looks like this, for example:



The assignment via the tag "custom_dualauth" followed by the field "passcode" is clearly recognisable here!


Let's wait and see what the future holds. Unfortunately, this procedure is still necessary in 2024 to provide multi-language support. 

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